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This book is dedicated:

To the spirit of creative freedom.

To Hesti, the truest friend ever.

To Engel, Rac-rac, Rusty, Roo, Gwen, Tempest wings, Muggie, Luna, Kirsty, Limpy, Kinks, Anz, and Bunny. May our group last forever.


Lord Destrier was a powerful, wise man; organized and determined. He knew what was expected of him and was a just ruler. He kept the order and knew how to handle everything … Except his son!

Destrier was pacing up and down his study, deep in thought. What to do with his son? He had been moping lately. His son had lost is usual hearty appetite, didn’t take an interest in anything and took to walking listlessly from room to room.

Destrier recalled the conversation he had had with Count Percival the day before. They had been discussing how fast their children had grown; Percival’s daughter and Destrier’s son. They were both of a marriageable age. The match had appealed very much to Destrier. It would also extract his son from his moping and give him a purpose.

Knock, knock.

Destrier stopped pacing and turned to the door, “Come in!”

His son entered the room with a puzzled expression on his face, “You sent for me.”

“Ahh, yes. Well, you know that Count Percival came over to chat with me yesterday. We, well, we talked about marriage. What do you say to a marriage between you and Percival’s daughter, Sharpé?” Destrier beamed excitedly.

His son gave a start and spluttered, “WHAT! You want me to marry that … that …girl?!” He stared at his father defiantly. Determination and revolt shining in his deep blue eyes.

“Why not? Her father is wealthy, she’s pretty, what else could you wish for?” Destrier began to get angry at his son. Can’t he ever do something right?

“She’s a spoilt slut-“


“- She is rude, materialistic and unpractical. She is also uncaring and loves money more than anything else. She only puts up with me because I’m not too bad-looking,” he said modestly, “And I just don’t love her.” he ended with a sigh.

“LOVE!” Destrier’s anger exploded, “You still believe that rubbish! You don’t marry for love. It … you just don’t.” He ended lamely.

“Is that all, now you have my answer?” Destrier’s son said with a bored expression, knowing that he had won his case.

“So your answer is no?”


“Manners!” Destrier sighed. This wasn’t going as well as planned, but there was another matter on his mind, “What do you plan to do with your life?”

His son stared at him blankly, he hadn’t been expecting this, “Umm-“

“You didn’t think that I would let you go through life wasting your energy on useless things like parties and socializing.”

“Umm, well aren’t I going to become the next lord after you?”

“Well, yes, but not until I die. So what are you planning on doing, apart from staging my death?”

He smiled weakly at his fathers attempt at humour, “I haven’t really thought about it.” he said with a skeptical expression, “I need time to ‘find myself’.”

“Tell you what. I’ll let you go off and claim your fortune in the world. After two months, you will come back and start a proper career. If you haven’t ‘found yourself’, tough luck. If you haven’t found love, you will marry Sharpé.”

“O … K …” he said hesitantly.

“Fine then. I’ll give you your horse, bow and arrows, your sword and provisions to take with you. That’s all. I expect you to be packed and ready in the morning. Am I clear?”

“Yes, father.” he left the room.

Have I done the right thing? Destrier wondered.
This is just a story that I started writing and my friend, :iconlunaticllama:has eventually persuaded me to submit it on deviant. She is also doing the Illustrations o if you want to see them, please visit her gallery.

Hope you enjoy

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Shortstuffs Featured By Owner May 18, 2008
does anyone know how I can do corrections. must I delete this one and resubmitt it?
GypsyHorse Featured By Owner May 6, 2008  Hobbyist
Corrections, you say? Well, it seems like you forgot that I, the Gypsy person, uhm am still part of that crazy group, no matter where I am. Heehee. Awesome story. When's the next part?
Shortstuffs Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008
Thanks very much for the tip gwenzy.
And thank you too dievegge.

ps corrections and ideas are welcome
dievegge Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008
:D i enjoy this~ :heart:
QueenGwen Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
awsomNIZZ! next n ext next... *off to read the next part/chapter/page/watever*
QueenGwen Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
you can link her like this : iconlunaticllama : without the spaces ^w^ where was I...*reads*
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